• Welcome to CarlyWaddell.com!

    “My name is Carly. It’s nice to meet you, and in a few weeks I hope to teach you. You’ll learn a little bout me. I’ll learn a little bout you. Then maybe one day our one and one can make two, until then….. let’s enjoy the ride…. and i’ll see you inside…” Welcome to […]

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    Nashville, Tennessee. The home of country music. It’s a place I have ALWAYS wanted to travel since I begged for Reba McEntire’s cassette tape for Christmas as a little girl. If Reba lived in Nashville, I HAD to go! My first impression was a feeling of wonder and amazement when I stepped into the BNA […]

  • Brow Feathering at Anastacia Skin Studio -Nashville

    Dear Eyebrow Police, Please, let’s address the elephant in the room….AGAIN…so we can FINALLY make peace. My eye brows. You have a problem with them. I get it. I didn’t even realize my eyebrows honestly were bad until I got unlimited amounts of hate about how ugly I was. Pictures comparing me to cartoon dogs, […]

  • 7 ways to survive a breakup!!! Trust me, I KNOW.

    This past year has been pretty heavy on break up central for me… Here are 7 tips to help you get through it and come out even more shiny than when you went in! Because I am now a professional… 1. Cry those tears! Don’t hold back. Feel what you need to feel and make […]

  • Wedding Bells for Janner

    Love is the thing. It connects us all. Forever we are intertwined. SHARE ON TwitterFacebookGoogle+Pin It

  • “So I Do” on iTunes

    Hey guys! Here is the link to “So I Do” from Jade and Tanner’s wedding!! written by me and Erik DiNardo (my main squeeze) http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1081815886?ls=1&app=itunes SHARE ON TwitterFacebookGoogle+Pin It

  • FRIENDS OF THE ONE – a book by Carly and Maryann (my mom)

    Two years ago my mom and I started making religious art. We ended up putting a few of our favorite pieces into childrens book. We are still working on it…but I thought I would share our first draft! My mom sent this to me today! Hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed putting […]

  • Graze Box and why I love them…

    Yesterday I moved into a new house (still in Nashville…don’t worry) and I realized after I got to my new home (with my Uhaul ready to unload)…that I was STARVING and had ZERO food in my house!!!!!  I walked up to the front door…and NO JOKE…there…waiting for me on my new front porch was a […]

  • Welcome to my boho home!

    I wanted to give you guys a fun look at my eclectic-boho inspired home! Working on cruise ships for years, I began to collect really cool pieces to remember my travels! I love that I finally found a place to call home in Nashville, but I also love bringing my past with me. It’s an […]

  • I’m sure she appreciates this 👶🏼❤️I mean, she’s basically art now...right? 😂
  • Wrapping presents 🎁 at a fire house in Franklin tonight. Thankful for the firefighters that protect us everyday and also for them providing this tape so @theebass knows not to cross his pregnant wife. I shall be taking this home in case he needs a reminder later.
  • Want something to smile about for the new year? My friends at @SmileDirectClub are getting in the holiday spirit and are giving you all $100 off your invisible aligner purchase with my code CARLYWAD! Get started with 50% off an at-home impression kit or a free scan in SmileShop markets : ) *link in bio* https://smiledirect.co/CarlyWad #WhatMakesMeSmile
  • I have been posting a lot of photos of my dog lately, but like look at that angel face.....How can ya not share? #cavalierkingcharlesspaniel
  • Hey @liambass8 I triple 🐶 dare you
  • This is the perfect Christmas Gift 🎄🎁 @Brunchcandlebox is giving the next 100 boxes away FREE to my followers! Use code “CARLY” at Brunchcandlebox.com checkout! With every box sent, they donate a meal to a child in need. As an expecting mother this cause really warms my heart! 👶🏼 ❤️ Tag a candle lover!
  • #tbt to last year around this time. Seriously guys what a year full of MAJOR changes!!!!!!! But for realz @jadelizroper and @tanner.tolbert had a human 👶🏼❤️ and @theebass and I got married and are about to have a human! Wait, maybe that means @ashley_iaconetti and @jaredhaibon are next..... 😂👏🏽👍🏽🙌🏽 I mean, maybe?!?