• Welcome to CarlyWaddell.com!

    “My name is Carly. It’s nice to meet you, and in a few weeks I hope to teach you. You’ll learn a little bout me. I’ll learn a little bout you. Then maybe one day our one and one can make two, until then….. let’s enjoy the ride…. and i’ll see you inside…” Welcome to […]

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    Nashville, Tennessee. The home of country music. It’s a place I have ALWAYS wanted to travel since I begged for Reba McEntire’s cassette tape for Christmas as a little girl. If Reba lived in Nashville, I HAD to go! My first impression was a feeling of wonder and amazement when I stepped into the BNA […]

  • Brow Feathering at Anastacia Skin Studio -Nashville

    Dear Eyebrow Police, Please, let’s address the elephant in the room….AGAIN…so we can FINALLY make peace. My eye brows. You have a problem with them. I get it. I didn’t even realize my eyebrows honestly were bad until I got unlimited amounts of hate about how ugly I was. Pictures comparing me to cartoon dogs, […]

  • 7 ways to survive a breakup!!! Trust me, I KNOW.

    This past year has been pretty heavy on break up central for me… Here are 7 tips to help you get through it and come out even more shiny than when you went in! Because I am now a professional… 1. Cry those tears! Don’t hold back. Feel what you need to feel and make […]

  • Wedding Bells for Janner

    Love is the thing. It connects us all. Forever we are intertwined. SHARE ON TwitterFacebookGoogle+Pin It

  • “So I Do” on iTunes

    Hey guys! Here is the link to “So I Do” from Jade and Tanner’s wedding!! written by me and Erik DiNardo (my main squeeze) http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1081815886?ls=1&app=itunes SHARE ON TwitterFacebookGoogle+Pin It

  • FRIENDS OF THE ONE – a book by Carly and Maryann (my mom)

    Two years ago my mom and I started making religious art. We ended up putting a few of our favorite pieces into childrens book. We are still working on it…but I thought I would share our first draft! My mom sent this to me today! Hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed putting […]

  • Graze Box and why I love them…

    Yesterday I moved into a new house (still in Nashville…don’t worry) and I realized after I got to my new home (with my Uhaul ready to unload)…that I was STARVING and had ZERO food in my house!!!!!  I walked up to the front door…and NO JOKE…there…waiting for me on my new front porch was a […]

  • Welcome to my boho home!

    I wanted to give you guys a fun look at my eclectic-boho inspired home! Working on cruise ships for years, I began to collect really cool pieces to remember my travels! I love that I finally found a place to call home in Nashville, but I also love bringing my past with me. It’s an […]

  • If you are gonna come into the world...may as well show up being a little “extra” 🤣❤️👶🏼 (Bella’s pants and hat are @madebymolly )
  • I can’t believe it has been almost a week since our Bella arrived! Evan took this picture RIGHT after she was born. They put her directly on my chest and I was filled with overwhelming love, joy, and gratitude. Gosh, I just love being her mom. 💕
  • Episode 3 of Babes and Babies Podcast is now up! It’s titled “Let’s Talk About Sex Baby” cuz it’s allllllll about the birds and the bees during pregnancy and postpartum 😬 @jadelizroper and I open up about our sex lives and @theebass and @tanner.tolbert chime in to give us the men’s side of the story 😳 click link in bio to listen 😘 and rate us and subscribe! Coming up this month I give all the details of Bella’s birth story! Stay tuned!! @esandoz
  • Guess who is going home?! 👶🏼💕
  • We are so happy to announce the birth of sweet Isabella Evelyn Bass. She weighs 6lbs 8 ounces and has currently stolen her dad’s heart. The birth was amazing with no complications and I’m high over the moon with happiness ❤️ also high from pain meds 🤣
  • I love being a #fabfitfunpartner because it means I get to share the latest and greatest products with you guys! This time I have the Rachel Pally vegan leather and canvas clutch. It’s a sneak peek of one of the items that will be in every @Fabfitfun spring box! Can’t wait to style it differently because it’s also reversible! Use my code “CLUTCH” to get $10 off your spring box if you don’t already subscribe. Head over to http://www.fabfitfun.com to get this and 9 additional full-size products! Also, head over to fellow @FabFitFun member @meganfago page to see how she’s styling her Rachel Palley clutch! #fabfitfun
  • Now that I’m joining mommy world within about a week ❤️👶🏼, what better way to get inducted and to celebrate than to create a judgment free women’s podcast with my friends called Babes and Babies! Jade, Elizabeth (who is a doula!) and I can’t wait to REAL talk, in a SAFE space with you each week about all the things women deal with that we don’t always talk about! I mean, how else are you going to know if it’s ok to just give up on shaving down there while you are pregnant? 😳😬 Come join us as we laugh and cry our way though learning to be new moms and hit on controversial topics we all want to know about! Link in bio! Subscribe and let us know what you think! And also, comment below and let us know what you would like to hear us discuss! Mom’s let’s all join hands, stand together to support each other through the good, bad, and ugly of motherhood! @jadelizroper @esandoz
  • Any other mamas fighting off the seasonal germs? I’ve been taking some extra precautions in order to stay healthy, and that’s why I started drinking @teamiblends Profit tea a couple weeks ago. It’s so yummy and boosts my immune system which helps baby Bella! 🤰🏼I double checked with my doc that it is pregnancy approved so I’ve been drinking a cup or two every day and I  have so much more energy! Plus, their to go tumbler is SO CUTE. ❤️ I can’t wait to try all the other teas, especially the detox to get back to that post baby body! I personally recommend for all mama’s out there ☕️ Use CARLYW for 20% off yours! #thankyouteami #thirdtrimester