Carly Wrote A Breakup Song About Kirk & All ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Fans Need To Listen To It.

The song is aptly titled “Blindsided: A Song for Kirk” and you can listen to it for free on SoundCloud. The lyrics pretty much sum up how you would expect her to feel — she describes their relationship as ending “faster than I could blink.”

‘Bachelor in Paradise’: ‘Blindsided’ Carly Waddell Writes Song for Kirk

After the finale, Carly wrote a song on Soundcloud and called it her statement.
“Here is my statement. #bachelorinparadise ‘Blindsided. A song for Kirk.’ by carlywaddell,” she wrote.
In the song, Carly has lines like “no good reason why” he broke her heart and “you gave up everything.”
She also says, “Love, I thought I found you” and claims there was no “caution sign” that this was coming.

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