The Song I Wrote for Chris on The Bachelor

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“Look at me looking at you.
Can’t hide obvious
from a face that tells the truth.”

I have this problem. It’s the problem where every single one of my emotions is written right across my face. I would be a terrible judge on American Idol. I can’t help myself. It’s a blessing for the camera, and meems, out there…but a cruse for someone trying to go with undetected emotions. What’s GREAT about this…is i’m a TERRIBLE liar. What’s NOT great…is I have ALWAYS wanted to judge a karaoke competition. Maybe in the next life….or maybe i’ll just be IN the competition instead. That would probably make more sense anyways.

There was a moment in my 1 on 1 date with Chris where we had to sit indian style facing each other, and without any words, stare at each other for a full minute. I want you to sit right now…get out a timer…and sit for 1 minute. Better yet, go get a cute oy (or girl) you barely know and HAVE A CRUSH ON…and STARE at them….for 60 seconds… GO….

I’ll wait.

Still waiting.


Ok. maybe a minute isn’t THAT dramatically long, but when you are staring into the eyes of someone you don’t know very well. It is VERY long. At that point Chris and I had spent maybe an hour together at the most over the course of a few weeks. That minute seemed like an ETERNITY.

But here is the cool part. We connected in that moment. Big time. Guard down. Hearts up. I kept thinking can he tell by looking at me looking at him that I like him? (does that even make sense?)
And of COURSE that moment was the inspiration for the song. A moment of overwhelming awkwardness turned into a moment of beautiful clarity and inspiration.


Here are the lyrics!

Verse 1
You were a stranger,
all put together, but alone.
And I was out there searchin’
for someone to call my own.

Verse 2
Then somewhere in the middle
we met along the way.
Unnatural cirumstances,
but i’ll be the first to say.

Look at me,
Lookin’ at you.
Can’t hide obvious
from a face that tells the truth.
Never had I imagined
I could feel the way I do.
Can you tell…
when you look at me lookin’ at you.

Take all the makeup,
Take the dress up.
Take it all.
You take me to the normal
and that’s an easy place to fall.

Repeat chorus:
Can u tell…
what i’m thinkin’…..
when i’m thinkin’….
what I do….
when you look at me lookin’ at you.

~Carly Waddell


  • Chris says:

    If this would have been me you sang that to, I would have dropped on my knee right after you finished singing and proposed to you there. Right on the spot The show would have been over. OMG you have such an awesome voice. I truly hope you would consider someone to get to know from Michigan like me!!

  • Ashley Barnes says:

    Hey Carly,
    My name is Ashley (barnesie72) on Instagram I’ve followed you since day one and I have to say you’re by far the coolest girl I’ve ever seen. Not going to lie I have zero friends but that’s no biggie but it’s because I’m a lot like you I speak the truth from the heart and trust me when I say that this song is the the most heartfelt beautiful thing I’ve ever heard. My boyfriend and I have been together for almost four years now and it’s incred how you hit the nail on the head with this song. You know exactly what love is and if anyone deserves it I know it’s you. All the best to you Carly! If you’re ever in the Boston area get in Touch ID love to meet you! @7272anb on Twitter or @barnesie72 on Instagram thanks for reading! You’re awesome -Ashley

  • may says:

    i loved your song so much!! i wanna hear the whole version

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