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Nashville, Tennessee. The home of country music. It’s a place I have ALWAYS wanted to travel since I begged for Reba McEntire’s cassette tape for Christmas as a little girl. If Reba lived in Nashville, I HAD to go! My first impression was a feeling of wonder and amazement when I stepped into the BNA […]

Brow Feathering at Anastacia Skin Studio -Nashville

Dear Eyebrow Police, Please, let’s address the elephant in the room….AGAIN…so we can FINALLY make peace. My eye brows. You have a problem with them. I get it. I didn’t even realize my eyebrows honestly were bad until I got unlimited amounts of hate about how ugly I was. Pictures comparing me to cartoon dogs, […]

“So I Do” on iTunes

Hey guys! Here is the link to “So I Do” from Jade and Tanner’s wedding!! written by me and Erik DiNardo (my main squeeze) SHARE ON TwitterFacebookGoogle+Pin It

Graze Box and why I love them…

Yesterday I moved into a new house (still in Nashville…don’t worry) and I realized after I got to my new home (with my Uhaul ready to unload)…that I was STARVING and had ZERO food in my house!!!!!  I walked up to the front door…and NO JOKE…there…waiting for me on my new front porch was a […]

Welcome to my boho home!

I wanted to give you guys a fun look at my eclectic-boho inspired home! Working on cruise ships for years, I began to collect really cool pieces to remember my travels! I love that I finally found a place to call home in Nashville, but I also love bringing my past with me. It’s an […]

Wine inspired Wednesday!

Who doesn’t love a good glass on Pinot or Cab? If you didn’t raise your hand…I’m sorry….to each his own. I like a good 2 or 3 glasses. Today my outfit is inspired by what I’m looking forward to most this evening…a nice robust glass of red! I decided I’ll just stain my lips now […]

Sweater Weather! FINALLY!

It’s Raining… It’s Cold… I’m making beef stew for dinner… And inviting company… Maybe I should find pants…. “LET’S GET WEIRD” sweater @jacvanek SHARE ON TwitterFacebookGoogle+Pin It