Nashville, Tennessee. The home of country music. It’s a place I have ALWAYS wanted to travel since I begged for Reba McEntire’s cassette tape for Christmas as a little girl. If Reba lived in Nashville, I HAD to go! My first impression was a feeling of wonder and amazement when I stepped into the BNA […]

  • Brow Feathering at Anastacia Skin Studio -Nashville

    Dear Eyebrow Police, Please, let’s address the elephant in the room….AGAIN…so we can FINALLY make peace. My eye brows. You have a problem with them. I get it. I didn’t even realize my eyebrows honestly were bad until I got unlimited amounts of hate about how ugly I was. Pictures comparing me to cartoon dogs, […]

  • 7 ways to survive a breakup!!! Trust me, I KNOW.

    This past year has been pretty heavy on break up central for me… Here are 7 tips to help you get through it and come out even more shiny than when you went in! Because I am now a professional… 1. Cry those tears! Don’t hold back. Feel what you need to feel and make […]

  • Wedding Bells for Janner

    Love is the thing. It connects us all. Forever we are intertwined. SHARE ON TwitterFacebookGoogle+Pin It

  • “So I Do” on iTunes

    Hey guys! Here is the link to “So I Do” from Jade and Tanner’s wedding!! written by me and Erik DiNardo (my main squeeze) SHARE ON TwitterFacebookGoogle+Pin It

  • FRIENDS OF THE ONE – a book by Carly and Maryann (my mom)

    Two years ago my mom and I started making religious art. We ended up putting a few of our favorite pieces into childrens book. We are still working on it…but I thought I would share our first draft! My mom sent this to me today! Hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed putting […]

  • Graze Box and why I love them…

    Yesterday I moved into a new house (still in Nashville…don’t worry) and I realized after I got to my new home (with my Uhaul ready to unload)…that I was STARVING and had ZERO food in my house!!!!!  I walked up to the front door…and NO JOKE…there…waiting for me on my new front porch was a […]

  • Welcome to my boho home!

    I wanted to give you guys a fun look at my eclectic-boho inspired home! Working on cruise ships for years, I began to collect really cool pieces to remember my travels! I love that I finally found a place to call home in Nashville, but I also love bringing my past with me. It’s an […]

  • Wine inspired Wednesday!

    Who doesn’t love a good glass on Pinot or Cab? If you didn’t raise your hand…I’m sorry….to each his own. I like a good 2 or 3 glasses. Today my outfit is inspired by what I’m looking forward to most this evening…a nice robust glass of red! I decided I’ll just stain my lips now […]

  • Sweater Weather! FINALLY!

    It’s Raining… It’s Cold… I’m making beef stew for dinner… And inviting company… Maybe I should find pants…. “LET’S GET WEIRD” sweater @jacvanek SHARE ON TwitterFacebookGoogle+Pin It

  • Flee Market Finds

    Flee Markets are one of my all time FAVORITE places to shop. I LOVE vintage clothes and jewelry!!!! It was my first time since moving to Nashville that I have ventured out to the Fair Grounds to see what treasures I could find. And WOW was there A LOT to choose from! 1. Flannels were […]

  • The Printed Romper

    Fall is here and rompers are perfect transition pieces (summer to fall….and day to night)! 1. Choose a fun print, and long sleeve. (It’s not time to hide those tan legs yet!!!) 2. Add a boot for the day, and a heel at night. 3. Keep accessories simple! (it’s a statement within itself!) SHARE ON […]

  • 5 tips to get your Bracelet Game On!

    When it comes to accessorizing with arm candy….i’m a firm believer that MORE IS MORE! What’s fun about this is there are NO RULES when it comes to layering your own way! 1. Mix and match colors (gold and silver) (rich deep colors and pastels) 2. Mix and match texture (stones and metals) 3. Mix […]

  • Sunday’s uniform – BlackOnBlackOnBlack

    When my brain hasn’t woken up for Sunday Funday yet…i choose my go to uniform… BlackOndBlackOnBlack What’s easier than a romper when brunching?  @targetstyle What’s better to hide Saturday night’s late hours then sunglasses?  @hm What’s easier than a backwards cap when you haven’t washed your hair since Friday night? @clothingbyowl DRESS IT UP WITH […]

  • Fall Jewelry – Nashville vibe

    Fall is here and the leaves are changing and so is the fashion! I’m starting to stock up on fun necklaces to accompany my sweaters and sweatshirts before the scarf season approaches and they won’t be seen anymore!!! Here are a few of my pieces I have started with. (left to right) 1. Silver Rocker […]

  • 5 ways to outfit “twin” in your “twin-ties…and thirties”

    “TWINNING” with your BESTIE  Every girl has her other half. Mine is Jade Roper. She is the Selena to my Taylor. The Hoda to my Kathie Lee. The Thelma to my Louise. Now I know that in elementary school we all had some fun times “twinning”. Wearing matching pink Barbie sweatshirts, scrunchies, knee highs (HELLO 90s)! […]


    Jade and I made “Friendship Goals” and “You Can Totally Sit With Us” shirts to celebrate strong women friendships! If you want to join in on the celebration…go to to get you and your bestie one and JOIN OUR SQUAD! Xoxo -Carly and Jade SHARE ON TwitterFacebookGoogle+Pin It

  • Kirk and Carly: Breaking Down the Breakup

    Firstly, I would like to thank everyone for their support while watching me go through the “most dramatic break up of all time” on Bachelor in Paradise. What’s crazy is that I walked down the beach that morning and told a producer that this was the best day of my life, and how quickly it […]

  • Carly Interviewed By Billy Kidd on JackFM

    Video – SHARE ON TwitterFacebookGoogle+Pin It

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    “Girl in Your Dreams”

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    “It Was Different Then”

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  • The Rose Song

    Welcome to the loser’s site… here’s a song about being a loser. 😉   ~Carly SHARE ON TwitterFacebookGoogle+Pin It

  • Carly Learns How to Fix Her Eyebrows

    Makeup by Jonathan McKeeman (@jonsrvp) Filmed by Luis Acevedo ( Directed and Produced by Brian Scott Carey ( SHARE ON TwitterFacebookGoogle+Pin It

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    Let’s Talk About Sex

    “Let Him Fly” by Patty Griffin “Ain’t no talking to this man. Ain’t no pretty other side. Ain’t no way to understand, the stupid words of pride. It would take an acrobat, and I already tried all that. I’m gonna LET HIM FLY” – Patty Griffin Let’s talk about sex. wait…i’m trying to say… Let’s […]

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    The Song I Wrote for Chris on The Bachelor

    “Look at me looking at you. Can’t hide obvious from a face that tells the truth.” I have this problem. It’s the problem where every single one of my emotions is written right across my face. I would be a terrible judge on American Idol. I can’t help myself. It’s a blessing for the camera, […]

  • Cruise Ship Cabaret Performance 2013

    Here’s me actually singing. It starts serious, gets funny, and ends serious….much like my life. This was my last cruise ship, sailed from Portugal to Japan. My friend Austin Babin was my duet partner in this cabaret. I love him. We shared many cocktails, a cup of dead Asian bugs, watched for pirates in the […]