5 ways to outfit “twin” in your “twin-ties…and thirties”

“TWINNING” with your BESTIE 

Every girl has her other half. Mine is Jade Roper. She is the Selena to my Taylor. The Hoda to my Kathie Lee. The Thelma to my Louise.

Now I know that in elementary school we all had some fun times “twinning”. Wearing matching pink Barbie sweatshirts, scrunchies, knee highs (HELLO 90s)! But in your 30s, the only time twinning is appropriate is when wearing sports gear…or bachelorette party shirts. (always the bridesmaid…) So now, we learn to compliment each other…without being overly dramatic. Here is what I have come up with to best “twin” for your twin-ties and thirties!

1. Be bold with your hair choices – blonde vs brunette or short vs long

2. Choose your vibe – When Jade and I feel edgy we choose Leather and Camo for rocker vibe – When we feel sweet we go for Lace and Silks or Satins – When we feel bold we go for Tribal patterns and Suede –

3. Stick to the same color palate – stick to pastels (rose and lavender) or go for something darker like (deep blues and grey)

4. Choose your shoes – heels, boots, flats – The last thing you want is to have your bestie be in converse while you are in a stiletto

5. Makeup – If she is going for a bold lip – try a stronger eye (Taylor gives the cheery lip…and Selena always does the smokey eye)







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