Welcome to CarlyWaddell.com!

“My name is Carly.
It’s nice to meet you,
and in a few weeks
I hope to teach you.
You’ll learn a little bout me.
I’ll learn a little bout you.
Then maybe one day
our one and one can make two,
until then…..
let’s enjoy the ride….
and i’ll see you inside…”

Welcome to my blog that is not fully a blog yet….but don’t worry…you are in for some pretty exciting topics and entertainment on this puppy! If you followed me at all on TV…you are in store for more jokes than you can handle. You may have to leave…take a breather…and come back…cuz who KNOWS what I’ll be up to.

I’m still single 🙁 …and getting used to my land legs instead of sea legs (no more cruise ship singing for this girl….I need to find me some Texas roots! and a Texas man!) so in transition…I’m gonna blog about the single life and times of yours truly in Dallas, Texas being a single girl. Getting back in the dating world (WHERE DO YOU EVEN BEGIN??…..I’M STILL NOT SURE…let’s learn together), HOW TO do guy chores (DO YOU KNOW HOW TO FIX A TOILET OR CHANGE A TIRE?!?!?……cuz I don’t), some fashion tips (YOU MAY OR MAY NOT TAKE WITH A GRAIN OF SALT….leather, lace, and 80’s mistakes), a section about the new fun angel art my mom and I have been working on for over a year (STILL IN PROGRESS), an inspiration station (with some helpful tips and ways to conquer those fears) among a TON of other random things I can get my hands on.

This is a place about MY crazy ADVENTURE and I would LOVE for you to join in!!!!!!! Videos and Photos coming SOON!


  • Bay says:

    I freaking love you and wish we were BFFs. I plan to follow this religiously forever

  • Makayla says:

    Carly i watched you every monday on the bachelor! I dont know how you could deal with all of that drama! But anyways you, Whitney, and Becca were my favorite out of all of them! I wish i could meet you in real life!

  • Erin says:

    Carly- You are hilarious girl! I couldn’t stop watching the bachelor and your candid comments. I have such a similar sense of humor. If you’re ever in the Chicago area, hit me up! Just as you never thought you’d find amazing friends in the most random places, like on the bachelor, you can find em walking the rad street of Chicago. Looking forward to hearing more of your rants and reading the blog!

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